GCS Interconnect Optional Modules

The GCS Interconnect Command Platform, ICP, provides carriers with the primary components necessary to run their interconnect voice business.  Additionally, we’ve built optional modules that, depending on a particular carrier's needs, market focus, or future plans, can leverage to help them overcome any challenges. These following modules can be added to our Dynamic ICP Solution.


Interconnect Rate Administration Service (iRAS)

The GCS Interconnect Rate Administration Service, iRAS, is a web based, easy to use, portal that simplifies the often complex and frustrating tasks associated with receiving new rate sheets from your vendors.

North American Module (NAM)

Our North American Module, NAM, provides voice services providers with the rating, routing, and alarming capabilities they need to support U.S. and Canada jurisdictional calling.


Supplier Assurance Module (SAM)

The GCS Supplier Assurance Module, SAM, provides carriers with one of the most important tools needed to survive, and thrive, in the interconnect marketplace, the ability to verify supplier invoices for accuracy before you submit for payment from your finance team.

International Ani Zone Module

The GCS International ANI ZONE Module, I-AZM, completely automates and simplifies all of the complexities associated with managing, pricing and routing for origination or zone based voice services in the interconnect marketplace.

Interconnect Partner Portal (IPP)

The GCS Interconnect Partner Portal, IPP, provides carriers a convenient and secure way of storing and exchanging CDRs and rates.

Dynamic Carrier-in-a-Box (dCBOX)

The GCS Dynamic Carrier-in-a-Box Solution, dCBOX, provides carriers with an all-in-one web based solution for their interconnect voice business.  


CDR Reconciliation Module (CDRecon)

The GCS CDR Reconciliation Module, (CDRecon) allows carriers to address the common pain points of CDR Reconciliation.