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At GCS we believe that while it’s important to have the broadest set of features and functions, the most important thing in any interconnect voice management platform is performance.


Up to 12,000 CPS


Up to 8 billion calls per month in a single instance


We deliver 99.99999% up-time

 At GCS, we have dedicated a disproportionate amount of our engineering resources to making sure that our system’s performance is at the highest level possible given the latest hardware/CPU/VM architectures available.

The results of all of this engineering investment and expertise are this:

Monthly Averages: 4,167,531,797 Completed 11,125,798,451 Attempts 8,921,648,219 Minutes $588,680,148.77 Cost $0.0659286 ACPM

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Speed, Scale, & Reliability may be the most important factors in interconnect voice platforms.

How does your current systems performance match up?

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