North American Module

North American Module (NAM)

Our North American Module, NAM, provides voice services providers with the rating, routing, and alarming capabilities they need to support U.S. and Canada jurisdictional calling. This includes inter/intra-LATA, inter/intra State, and Local Number Portability (LNP). It completely automates and simplifies all of the complexities associated with managing, pricing, and routing for origination or zone based voice services in the interconnect marketplace.

Some of the features included in our NAM module are:

Commercial/Routing logic support for buying, selling, routing, rating, reporting, invoicing, using jurisdiction, and local number portability. Data services subscription not included (U.S. LNP, Canadian LNP, LCADs)

North American Module-
A GCS Case Study

iBasis, A KPN Company, is a leading international voice carrier and provider of value added services for mobile operators. The company offers a  portfolio of voice termination and data services, including messaging, signaling and roaming. In 2012, iBasis approached GCS to explore the possibility of having GCS provide the interconnect management platform for its U.S. Domestic traffic. iBasis, having long been a pioneer in the global interconnect voice marketplace had an enormous amount of technical and marketplace insights and perspective. Because of the heritage of GCS (ITXC), the iBasis team had a lot of respect for our knowledge and insights. While iBasis certainly could have built/updated their own interconnect management capabilities, they found that the GCS ICP (interconnect command Platform) offered them 90+% of what they needed, a price point that was significantly lower than their internal investment thresholds and a compressed timeline for implementation and use.  In addition, the growing complexity of the U.S. Domestic marketplace (LNP, Jurisdictional based Rating & Routing, the increased volume of dialer traffic, etc.) provided the necessary marketplace drivers to incentivize iBasis to pursue a solution that could be implemented within a short time frame. As a result, iBasis selected the GCS ICP and NAM modules and were able to realize a payback timeline of less than 6 months. Our NAM module seamlessly integrates the complexities of Inter-intra state, jurisdictional, Local and LNP rating & routing into overall ICP functions and management.   

It's just another example of how GCS works with its carrier customers to Make Voice Profitable.