Monitoring & Alarming

A real-time interconnect voice management platform must be aware of the performance of the business and incorporate that information in a way that informs how the network should be adjusted in order to maintain the business at the thresholds defined. The GCS ICP solution has a sophisticated Monitoring and Alarming capabilities in the industry. This allows carriers to spend more of its resources on growth and margin optimization and less on the the calls, completes, and routing. We refer to it as Intelligent Alarming.

Here’s some of what our intelligent alarming does: Business and network operation performance based alarming, Monitor and alarm on: attempts, completes, minutes, revenue, cost, margin, NER, ASR, ABR, ALOC, PDD, etc., User defined alarm scheduling for global or granular metrics, fully integrated into the routing engine for auto-adjusting of routing based on user defined thresholds