Judge us by the company we keep: Our Customers

GCS provides one of the best, if not the best, interconnect voice management platforms in the industry.

How do we know? Where’s the proof? Right here in our customers:

These companies are some of the most important, largest, communications companies in the world, generating billions of dollars in revenues every year.

They have enormous resources and the ability to choose or build, any interconnect voice solution they want or need. They have chosen GCS, and continue to do so.

Whether it’s for international calling, U.S. Domestic calling, EU to EU/Non-EU calling, these companies have entrusted GCS to deliver the functionality they need to manage this portion of their telecommunications business. If you provide voice services to business or subscribers, or your business is dependent on carrier to carrier voice management, then call us. Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel and trying to determine which solution is the right one for you.

Trust these leading companies:

Trust Vonage.

Trust tofane.

Trust PTGi.

Trust Windstream.

Trust Frontier.

They all can’t be wrong. In fact, their continued selection of GCS demonstrates an indisputable fact, that GCS is the right choice, the reliable choice, the best choice for them, and it could be for you.

Vendors are always trying to increase their value and prove why they should be your vendor. But maybe the best reason to choose a vendor is the company they keep. At GCS, we want you to judge us by the company we keep!

Just last month, the GCS Interconnect Voice Command Platform (ICP) processed, in aggregate, over 10 Billion (That’s billion with a B) unique calls, which translates into approximately $800M in termination costs. We think we offer our customers the best routing engine in the market, the most scale, the highest level of reliability, and the broadest set of functionality. But don’t take our word for it. Talk to some of our customers, and take theirs!