Introducing the GCS iRAS Module
The Interconnect Rate Administration Service, (iRAS)

What is it? It’s a web based, easy to use, portal that simplifies the often complex and frustrating tasks associated with receiving new rate sheets from your vendors.

With the GCS iRAS portal, your vendors can now email their rate sheets directly and the GCS iRAS service will automatically:

iras module color.png
  • Ingest the email, parse the email for the .xls or .csv rate sheet

  • Export the rate sheets in any format needed for external systems (accounting, billing, contract management)

  • Open the sheet, analyze it, apply ALL of your business, routing, and formatting policy rules and convert it. You will be able to modify these settings on the fly to meet your needs as rate sheets change

  • The converted file will have a summary of all the increases, decreases, errors, changes, etc. for you to review

Our iRas service will make handling rate decks so easy, that you’ll be able to increase your vendor supply chain by an order of magnitude. That will help improve your delivered quality, lower your termination costs, and create new opportunities for your business. Want to learn more?