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Interconnect Platform as a Service, (iPaaS),

The GCS Interconnect Platform as a Service, (iPaaS), has revolutionized the way carriers manage, operate, and invest in their interconnect platforms. The advancements in infrastructure: hardware, VMs, Network Orchestration, IP bandwidth, Colo center space, reliability, redundancy, scalability, etc., have made cloud based solutions not only viable, but the preferred method for solution delivery and access. GCS has long been at the forefront of cloud based interconnect management solutions.

Way back in 2010, we built and delivered our first cloud based Dynamic Management Solution, which has evolved to become our Interconnect Command Platform, and we have centered our delivery model via the cloud, hence the iPaaS solution. Having an Interconnect Platform as a Service solution changes the economics for all carriers, because what has traditionally been a premised based solution which required capital investment, infrastructure allocation, and management can be accessed and leveraged vis a vis our cloud. This requires less investment and no infrastructure management or administration.

And for those who might be concerned about a third party cloud…

Because of our experience building and running a global voice network, we took a different approach to building our cloud infrastructure. We focused on high reliability and scalability and used platforms and infrastructure providers who had long established the ability to support mission critical platforms beyond just voice. Our infrastructure partners include: Equinix, DELL, Internap, Cisco, and other well established cloud solution providers. This allowed us to look past the core components of our infrastructure and invest all of our attention and energy on our application, and making it scalable and reliable in a cloud environment.

The results have exceeded even our aggressive forecasts. As it turns out, the industry was ready to begin utilizing cloud based solutions even for critical functions such as interconnect voice management. Today, more than 60% of GCS customers are utilizing the GCS ICP solution via our cloud, and we forecast that going forward this will be the preferred way carriers engage new interconnect voice platform solutions. We believe that iPaaS will become the industry standard going forward and carriers who embrace this model will have an advantage in the marketplace.

If you are a carrier interested in improving your interconnect voice operations, then our iPaaS solution may be right for you, and we can deliver it via the cloud making it simpler, more cost effective and more efficient.

GCS: The cloud-based interconnect platform making voice profitable.

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