Our Dynamic Interconnect Command Platform (ICP)


Rating, routing, QoS, CDR processing, reporting and analytics, rate sheets, rate addendums, carrier management, alarming, revenue assurance...the list of activities, capabilities, tasks, processes, and functions that need to be performed on monthly, weekly, daily, hourly and, actually, on a call-by-call basis is extensive and can be overwhelming.

The coordination required in order to perform even the most basic task for a voice services provider (connecting a voice call) is impressive.

The GCS Dynamic Interconnect Command Platform, ICP, was designed to address all of these domains - everything from dynamic routing on a call-by-call basis, to sophisticated alarming, to on-demand scalable reporting and analytics. The GCS ICP was built to be the centralized intelligence engine for voice service providers for their interconnect voice business. Deployed across a wide spectrum of carriers that include retail, wholesale, cable, CLEC, and consumer mobile, it processes more than 100 billion unique call attempts annually.

It may be the only solution a carrier needs to improve and optimize their interconnect voice business. It is the key to our ability to help carriers make voice profitable.

Additionally, it was designed to be the central component of our entire Dynamic Solutions Suite which include optional modules to fit the unique needs of service providers.

These modules include: International ANI Zone Module (I-AZM), North American Jurisdiction (NAM), Supplier Assurance Module (SAM), Bi-Lateral Enforcement Module (BEM), Interconnect Partner Portal (IPP), and Dynamic Carrier-in-a-Box Module (dCBOX)

The GCS Solutions suite can help a carrier address nearly 99% of all the tasks and processes a voice services provider must perform in their normal course of day-to-day voice operations.

Additional Modules: