What are the wants and needs of carriers?

It's all about wants and needs, right? There are things you want and there are things you need. It's true in every phase of life and business. Even in the obscure, sometimes seemingly boring, world of interconnect voice. There are wants and needs that every carrier has regarding their interconnect voice management system.  For example, carriers NEED to have Scalability & Reliability. Those are must haves. You can’t have a platform without them. But carriers also want great features that lower their operating costs, improve their efficiency, and maybe, just maybe, give them some sort of competitive differentiator in the market. 


GCS, a leading provider of interconnect voice management platforms has built our platform to address these needs and wants. Our Interconnect Command Platform addresses all the needs, and gives almost all the wants a carrier has in terms of their interconnect voice management platform needs.

Here’s just a small sample of what we provide from: