Welcome Carrier Finance People

This page was created to specifically address your wants, needs, and considerations. In our view, the finance teams at carriers need to have a strong voice when it comes to making investments into interconnect voice. We all know voice is a commodity. Accordingly, go forward investment decisions should be made primarily based on the traditional financial metrics: ROI, Pay-Back, etc.

Below, we present the financial perspective on what the GCS ICP Platform can provide to voice service providers, and how we are helping some of your industry colleagues. Please review the following. If we have done our job, hopefully, we will have sparked an interest and we can have a deeper conversation. Our financial advisors are standing by.

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Across some of our largest U.S. domestic focused customers in 2018, our ICP Platform delivered this:

Our platform delivers real performance.  Just ask our customers


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The GCS investment Guarantee:

Our platform is the best available in the industry. In fact it’s so good, we guarantee it.

We are guaranteeing a reduction of AT LEAST 10% to every new customer that subscribes to our ICP platform.

What happens if we don’t deliver on the guarantee? We reduce our subscription price to you by 50% for the remainder of the contract. That’s not chump change.

So, no matter what, we are taking the risk and guaranteeing that you will save on your termination cost, our invoice, or both.

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