GCS provides software based solutions that enable carriers to do more with less by automating most of the functions of the voice interconnect business.


Voice Service Providers typically come to us to help them maximize profitability by addressing common issues like:   

At GCS, we enable carriers and service providers to improve their management of a critical component of their voice business, interconnect voice, from end-to-end, which results in improved margins, predictable revenue streams, and assured revenues.

From origination to termination, and everything in between, including credit monitoring and alerting, reporting, alarming/QoS, trade agreement management, and post call services like billing, invoicing, and dispute management, the GCS Dynamic Interconnect Command Platform (ICP)  provides carriers nearly everything they need to improve scalability and reliability, provide better reporting and analytics, support more complex routing, and improve supplier cost and quality.

The GCS ICP provides carriers a centralized and automated solution that adds intelligence, scale, and reliability along the way to enable them to do more with less. This is how we make voice profitable.