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Welcome to the GCS product and company information page built specifically for the BT Telecom interconnect voice team.

Hi there! Below, you will find some information we think is relevant to you, your business, and the interconnect voice challenges you may be confronting. We invite you to spend 2-3 minutes learning about us and learning about our products and, if you conclude more conversation is warranted, give us a call us at: +1.732.853.0510 or send us an email.


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Across some of our largest U.S. domestic focused customers in 2018, our ICP Platform delivered this:

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Our platform delivers real performance.  Just ask our customers


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So, BT Telecom Team:

Are you ready to join your peers and take control of your interconnect voice business?

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Why engage with us?

We GUARANTEE at least a 10% savings on your termination costs in the first year.

We GUARANTEE a positive ROI in the first 12 months.

It’s like we are guaranteeing success!!

Contact us at: +1.732.853.0510. or send us an email: Brian and Mark


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