Winning the day

In interconnect voice, the grind is non-stop. You often hear professional baseball players talk about the grind. They play every day from early February through the end of September. It’s hard competing every day, doing the same things. It requires incredible tenacity, discipline, and focus. The same holds true in interconnect voice. Except, there are no days off. The interconnect voice “game” is played 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. It is the grind-iest of grinds. Every carrier is focused, or should be focused, on winning the game, and that means winning every day, every call.  

How do carriers do that? They do it by constantly seeking ways to improve the way they operate this portion of the business - reduce the errors, the overhead, and the cost. That’s how they win.  

They win by automating their least cost routing, they win by eliminating errors, they win by scaling, they win by improved pricing, improved buying, improved margins.  

How do carriers win across all these challenges? By focusing on their interconnect voice OSS/BSS solution. No matter what anyone tells you, the key to winning in the interconnect voice game is having the best OSS & BSS solution and leveraging the heck out of it. We know this not just because we offer an OSS/BSS solution, we know this because we were once carriers like you. Back in the late 90s and early 2000s most of us here at GCS worked for ITXC (which, after a series of acquisitions) became TATA. We understand this game at its microscopic level. We understand the levers that need to be pulled in order to win.

Our routing engine is real-time, our reporting is ridiculously accurate (6 decimal points), our alarming is phenomenal, our management of specialized rates is second to none. We know this stuff cold which means our product makes carriers succeed. It means that carriers can route every call however they want. It means that they have no limits on the number of suppliers to interconnect with. It means that Least Cost Routing is considered so “yesterday”, because what a carrier needs is a next generation, fully automated, interconnect voice OSS & BSS Solution. That’s how you win every day!


Andrea RonaComment