Who is supporting your interconnect voice business?

Sitting here thinking about our business and how we have grown over the years, our successes and our failures. At the core of our value proposition is this idea of helping carriers improve their interconnect voice operations. We do this through our product and our “out of this world” support.

Our voice interconnect platform is a solid platform, highly scalable and reliable, and it serves a lot of diverse customers. It can always improve, and we are constantly investing in new capabilities and functionality, but what makes our solution great is our support. Simply put, our team is awesome.

Our support team is comprised of people who worked at carriers in the interconnect voice business. That is our true competitive advantage. When our team engages with a new customer, they tell them, “I am here to help”, “Here is my mobile number”, “Call me anytime, day or night or weekend”, “If you have a problem I will get it fixed as quickly as humanly possible.”  That commitment translates into action immediately as we take a “cradle to grave” approach for our customers. And this approach is what makes us shine.

Everyone can say great things about their product and their company, but when the sh*t hits the proverbial fan, how do they respond? Do you have a dedicated PoC (point of contact)? Does your support person know you and your company’s network and business?  Do they understand what is critical to your business and what is not?  

We’ve had customers tell us, “If you ever need a reference, send people our way.  We think your product is the best in the industry and we will tell them why”. It’s always great to hear that as it validates what we do, the choices we have made and how we run our business.

That’s what we do. We help carriers improve their voice interconnect business by supporting them 24x7. That is just one more way we help Make Voice Profitable!

Andrea Rona