What's the compelling reason to invest and implement a new interconnect voice management solution?


The evolution, revolution, or disruptive destruction of the interconnect voice world has happened pretty fast. Today, the speed at which the market operates, the technological capabilities required, and the consolidation that we are undergoing means that all carriers need to be nimble, have the technology required, and be unencumbered to explore all opportunities in the market.

In fact, that's what we think is the most compelling reason to invest and implement a new interconnect voice management solution. NO LIMITS.

GCS has been in the interconnect game for a while, and our platform (GCS Interconnect Command Platform) is helping carriers reshape their businesses. In our discussions with our customers we spend a lot of time exploring the new business models they are launching and how interconnect voice operations need to help implement those new models.

And that is the key.  

No more are we solely focused on Least Cost Routing (LCR), CDR processing, rating, price admin, etc. Now, our focus is eliminating the restrictions or limitations that OSS & BSS solutions may inadvertently impose on a carrier's business.   

For example, A# routing. Almost 2 years ago, the regulatory body governing telecommunications in the EU imposed the EU/Non-EU rules and that has sent the market into a little bit of disarray. Many carriers still haven't implemented their A# routing solution in response. Why? Because it's hard and they don't really understand the benefit. But, why should any carrier have to care? Shouldn't the OSS & BSS system provide you the capabilities you need to respond to market conditions?  At GCS, for example, we have our i-AZM module which is defined specifically to address the A# origination issues. 

Carriers need to upgrade their infrastructure to match the current and future market conditions.

Those that don't might be placing themselves in jeopardy and that should be compelling enough!