What can we do to help?

Calling all news post readers! We want to hear from you!

What can we do to help outside of what we are already doing?  

We have invested millions of dollars building, refining, and improving our Interconnect Command Platform (ICP) that helps carriers manage 90-95% of their day-to-day interconnect voice traffic. We have adopted the latest and greatest data warehouses, we’ve deployed the latest and greatest cloud infrastructure, and we have added some really cool features.   

We are developing new capabilities that will be released later this year that will help with rate import automation, supplier invoice auditing, improved user experience with our software, and even greater speed and processing.

But what else can we do to help?  

What are we missing?  

We have A# Orig Routing, we have quality based routing, and every type of routing in between. We support re-rates and we support real-time reporting and analytics. We allow for changes in real-time for rating and routing. We have alarming. We support traditional LCR and non-traditional LCR. We support international calling and U.S. Domestic calling. We do MNP in the U.S., India, Poland and Germany. We’ve got giant customers and small customers. Retailers and wholesalers. But what we don’t have is your direct input.

Tell us how we can help.

Tell us what we are doing wrong. Tell us what we should be doing. 

We listen to our customers. Our development roadmap is entirely built from input from customers, partners, and prospects. So don’t be shy, tell us what we can do to help, because in the end…that’s why we are here!


Andrea RonaComment