The Road Ahead

At the beginning of every calendar year, every company takes a step back and attempts to view their plans, both tactical and strategic, with a perspective that is more holistic. Here at GCS, we aren’t any different -  we have our strategic and tactical plans documented and detailed and we have our product roadmap, and marketing/sales initiatives. The benefit of taking a moment and looking at our plans more holistically is that it allows us to view these plans through a different lens, and view them in context of our goals and corporate mission.

Ever since we started GCS, we’ve had this idealistic component that influenced how we operated and ran the company.  Sometimes, especially in the beginning, we lost sight of it, but as we grew and garnered more success, we kept coming back to what it is we were trying to do and, not just visiting the “how”, but also asking the “why”.  Our goal is to build a great company that provides a great product to its customers, but that goal doesn’t convey the “why”.  Why do we want to build a great company that provides great products to its customers?  Why is that important to us and why is that important to our customers, vendors, partners, and stakeholders?

Here at GCS, we are a group of “seasoned” industry experts in all things interconnect voice.  From the early days of the VoIP revolution in mid to late 1990s until now our team has had their hands in the mix.  We’ve learned a ton during that time.  We’ve done many great things, and had the usual collection of enormous successes and colossal failures.  Because of hard work, some luck, and an intrinsic “never give up” mentality, our successes have outweighed our failures. For the last 10 years we have been slowly building GCS into the company it is today.  We’ve ironed out a lot of the kinks, rode out the bumps and are, today, better positioned than we have ever been for the future.  That future, is one where we are focused on Reliability, Quality, Scalability and Innovation.  It is the 4 pillars of our product moving forward, but we are more than just our product.  We are a collection of individuals who have taken our collective knowledge and insight and have transferred this into our product, service, and support.  We are pursuing building a better company because it is important to us that we can conduct ourselves in a way that matches our ideals, our values, and our aspirations.

The road ahead will have challenges, and unforeseen complications, and opportunities.  But, the folks here at GCS are committed to meeting all of them because it’s not just what we do, it’s why we do it. 

Andrea Rona