The Reckoning Is Coming For Interconnect Voice Management


So, here we are. Heading into the last two weeks of 2017. A year that has seen the continued consolidation in the telecoms marketplace. From the A# Routing & Rating schema in the EU to the spate of mergers in the U.S. It’s been an interesting year. Clearly, it looks like 2018 will continue the trend of consolidation, thinner margins, and more complex operations.  

Interconnect voice is NO Longer just Least Cost Routing that can be managed through a couple of spreadsheets. Nope, in 2018 interconnect voice is an incredibly dynamic, complex, highly sophisticated, marketplace that continually imposes new challenges on the players in the space. We think that means a reckoning is coming. A reckoning whereby the carriers that have made the necessary investments in their interconnect voice operation are able to compete and even thrive in the marketplace. We know our customers have made these investments. Companies like iBasis, PTGi, Windstream, and dozens and dozens and dozens of others. These companies are well positioned to succeed in the marketplace because they looked at their interconnect voice infrastructure and realized that interconnect voice offered an opportunity. That’s right an opportunity. They saw the long play and realized that if they built a center of excellence within their organization they could drive top line revenues AND increase margin contribution. At the “kernel” of their center of excellence is their interconnect voice management platform.  No more LCR, no more manual routing creation, nothing but automation and speed.  

Contrast that to the legacy way carriers are currently managing their interconnect voice: labor intensive, slow, and limiting. That is unsustainable. It’s destined to fail. It’s the reckoning coming.