The Need for Speed

Speed kills, speed wins, it’s one of the un-coachable traits of athletes. How does speed impact your interconnect voice operations? Probably in ways you don’t realize. Speed, in the interconnect voice management platform world, is the ability of your platform to process data and deliver you the information or take action. How fast can your platform take network performance results and turn that into actionable information? What happens if you have a spike in traffic and how does that impact your platform’s speed of performance?

At GCS, we believe speed is essential. It’s why we spend so much of our R&D on scale, speed, and reliability. If you have read our posts, visited our site, or downloaded our white papers, you know how important scale, speed, and reliability are to GCS (you can check out our white paper, “The Three Pillars”). We place such importance on speed because we know that it directly impacts network performance, which directly impacts revenues and margins.

There are numerous examples that underscore the importance of speed. Let’s explore one just for context. Imagine you are a domestic U.S. carrier and on a normal day: 30-35 million minutes of voice traffic transit your network generating approximately 40M call records. Imagine now that a mistake happened in your rating, a below cost rate was inadvertently pushed into your routing, and you ended up routing calls at a loss. How would you know? Do you get real-time updates? Do you have an alarm set? Does your interconnect platform have to sift through all 40M records? How fast does your platform sift through that? Can your reporting and alarming tools perform timely? What’s the additional cost you incur by waiting for the reporting and alarming tools to provide you the actionable information?

Ideally, you want solutions that are real-time. In fact, in the example above, you would actually never want the calls to be routed at a loss. But even that requires speed and scale. It requires you to look up every rate for every destination that an originating call is being routed to. 35M minutes per day in the U.S. is 1,215 calls per second. Can your platform perform that volume fast enough to not impact PDD?

In the interconnect voice industry of today, the need for fast application performance is everywhere, it’s pervasive, it’s critical, and every carrier feels it.

To borrow that famous line, “I feel the need, the need for speed”

Andrea RonaComment