The Fundamentals of Interconnect Voice

Fundamentals of Interconnect Voice

Interconnect voice has undergone massive, sometimes “violent”, creative destruction and recreation. The technological advances have profoundly reshaped the industry. It might be appropriate then to ask, “What are the fundamentals of interconnect voice in 2018?”.

Well, here we offer our suggestion based on our positioning in the industry. Let us know if you agree or think we should add or remove some elements.

The fundamentals of interconnect voice in 2018:

  1. Next Gen Network (SIP based)
  2. Available capacity on your network (How are you managing capacity today on your network)
  3. Interconnect voice OSS/BSS platform – routing, rating, reporting, alarming, invoicing, etc.
  4. Interconnect specific contract/agreement
  5. Pricing and rate sheet trading capabilities
  6. Complete credit & risk management capabilities (could be part of interconnect voice management system)
  7. Accounting and payment system
  8. Email, sales tools, sales people
  9. Ability to manage the financial “float” within the industry

That’s it..that’s the fundamentals of interconnect voice. Nine components.

If you want to be operationally successful in interconnect voice, then you must be able to address these fundamentals. The quality by which you address them determines the degree of your success. That’s why GCS spends so much time building, developing, and refining its interconnect voice platform, because we want that to be a “best-in-class” solution that our customers can count on to help them maximize their interconnect voice performance.

Do you think we are missing anything?  Let us know.