The “clouds” have arrived for interconnect voice

Well, it’s here and it has happened. We knew it was coming, and we knew it was going to change the industry. The intrusion of cloud offerings in everything voice has officially happened.  As carriers look to offer applications (of which voice is just one), they are looking at having everything delivered via the cloud, and the clouds that support the underlying applications might not even be theirs! It might be Amazon, Azure, or a dozen other cloud providers.

But it’s not just the application to the consumer and enterprise market where the cloud is infiltrating. Nope, now it’s the carrier’s back-office infrastructure. We are talking interconnect voice here. As an example, GCS recently launched its iPaaS solution. iPaaS stands for our Interconnect Platform as a Service. It’s a true cloud based solution and our customers are eating it up.

Through our iPaaS offering, carriers no longer need to involve IT in their implementation or purchase plans for interconnect voice platforms. No longer do they deploy software behind their firewall, all they need is a browser. That means smart phones, tablets, PCs… anything that can support a browser can now be leveraged to access and execute tasks in the interconnect voice platform. Think about that, at home on a weekend a sales rep can see traffic, see how margin is performing, and if there is a problem they can take action. No more going up to their laptop, logging into their company network, trying to get on the VPN, and then getting to the platform. Now your entire interconnect voice operations, sales, and finance teams can easily access the interconnect platform and check in, take action, or just review reports and performance, all while sitting poolside, bbq-ing, or waiting for their kids' game to start.   

All of this is provided while lowering initial investment costs, reducing footprint in colo, and eliminating the need for additional hardware or VM resources and management. It’s all the promise and benefits of cloud based solutions delivered to the interconnect voice industry. The clouds are here, now it’s time to take advantage of them!