Stop Undervaluing Your Interconnect OSS/BSS

We all do it.  

Even when we say we aren’t, we still do it. It’s like we are pretending that interconnect OSS & BSS platforms aren’t that important. That it’s just a necessity, like having electricity or functioning bathrooms. BUT IT ISN’T. It is a necessity, but it’s so much more. Electricity is necessary to run your switches, but it doesn’t mean the switches are only as important as the electricity that powers them. No. Interconnect OSS/BSS is important.

I can’t tell you how many times we meet up with execs, and they talk about their interconnect voice as being an unfortunate necessity that they can’t generate enough interest in management to invest and fund. Really? If any executive management team member is looking at their interconnect voice business as something that is an unfortunate necessity, they are...let me see if I can put this in a politically correct and polite way... these managers are MORONS. No, that’s not good. Let me try it another way. These managers are misinterpreting the market opportunity. They are doing it in a way that inadvertently dampens revenues, margins, and operational excellence, that they could achieve if they viewed their interconnect voice OSS/BSS and overall business as a strategic asset that can be leveraged to generate revenues in an almost on-demand way. And, if managed effectively and actively, can yield solid contribution margin dollars.  

Put another way, there is a whole ****-ton of revenue to be generated, and margin to be made!

That’s why every carrier should reset their interconnect voice business and the OSS/BSS platform in a different light. We have customers, pure arbitrage players, generating 1 Billion dollars a year in revenue. 

We have U.S. Network based carriers managing hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue, and billions of minutes. They don’t view their interconnect voice business, or the platform that manages it, as an unfortunate necessity.   

I guess that’s why they are so successful!


Andrea RonaComment