Next Gen Interconnect Voice Solutions: Just do it already

So, the time is now. You know it, your people know it, heck, even your suppliers and competitors know it. The time is now to make the decision to upgrade your interconnect voice OSS & BSS solution. No more waiting, delaying, procrastinating, or analysis paralysis. Just do it!

Interconnect voice is complicated. With all the data volume and number of transactions happening every call, it’s kinda nuts. Now, imagine if you are using a system you purchased in the 90s ( it’s tried to keep up, but just can’t), and you have spent the last 10 or 15 years marrying all of your back-office processes to that platform. It makes it hard, it makes it complex, and in some instances it may even make it scary.  

But stop. There is a better way out there.

A more efficient way of doing things. A more intelligent way. Next Gen Interconnect Voice platforms are helping carriers in enormous ways. From back-office automation, to improved quality, to better call routing, to reduced overhead and back office expense, and even better, lower termination costs.

See, the next generation interconnect voice solutions leverage the next generation technologies that switch vendors have been making available over the past decade. Back when we first launched our very first product in 2009, there weren’t many solution providers solely promoting and dedicating themselves to next gen. But we were. Fast forward to 2017 and we are in the pole position in the industry and, more importantly, our customers are not only in first place, they are further separating themselves from competitors in the market. They can leverage our solution in ways that makes them more effective, more efficient, and lowers costs.  All that leads to more profit!

That’s our help carriers make voice profitable. That’s what next gen interconnect voice solutions do.

So, what are you waiting for? Just Do It!!