Maximizing value

We had an interesting discussion the other day. We were analyzing all of the features we pack into our ICP solution. Everything from routing, to rating, to CDR processing, to reporting, to alarming, to carrier management, to rate management, to rate amendment management, to CDR reconciliation, and on, and on, and on. We realized that our solution, and in fact many of the solutions available in the interconnect voice marketplace, have evolved beyond a simple Least Cost Routing Solution to a full “Enterprise Solution” designed specifically for the unique business processes and tasks of interconnect voice. It’s a pretty “neat” thing that our library of features is too long to enumerate in any useful way other than in a spreadsheet.   

But, another perspective is this, “how do we make sure our customers are leveraging all of these capabilities and maximizing the value of our platform to their benefit?”. That is an interesting question. Ultimately, our goal is to make sure our customers are maximizing the value of our platform. We build these features and capabilities such that they should have broad market benefit. Sure, there are some niche features (Short Duration Call Management, SPID Based routing & rating, Entity Management, etc.) but, in general, the features we build should have broad market acceptance and utility, and we want to/need to help our customers increase the utilization of these capabilities in the our platform. We built them for a reason and we continue to do so.

We are building our next generation Supplier Assurance Module, our A# routing/MMTR rating & routing capability is going through its second evolution, our reporting and alarming, our variance report, our rate management…all of it.  We want our customers to use 90% of the features we build, because that’s how you maximize value. This isn’t your grandparents’ Least Cost Routing tool set, and that means there’s a TON of value to be leveraged and maximized.


Andrea RonaComment