Master of your domain


So interconnect voice, as we all know, is incredibly complex. Long gone are the days of simple interconnects and Least Cost Routing (LCR). Today’s interconnect voice marketplace requires sophisticated tool sets and expertise. In fact, interconnect voice markets operate more like complex commodity exchange markets. Bi-lateral deals, credit risks, fraud concerns, technology challenges…, it’s, as the saying goes, “complicated”.   

Okay, we all know that. So what? It’s complicated. Lots of things are chemistry, multivariate statistics, astro-physics, credit default swaps, LBOs, adolescent psychology…lots of things. But what does complexity require? Expertise. Expertise in the respective domain. Think about it. The most complex fields require true expertise. Masters of that domain.   

In Interconnect voice, there is the same need. Interconnect voice management platforms require expertise in the industry to a degree that few people/organizations have. That’s why we tout our team as our competitive differentiator. Our folks have been in the industry since the late 1990s. We literally grew up with the interconnect industry.  Back when VoIP first became a thing in the late 1990s when VocalTec (remember them?) brought to market a real solution, through the industry dominance by Cisco and Sonus, through the upstarts of Dialpad, Skype, and Vonage, we have been there. Most of us met back in the late 1990s when ITXC became one of the largest pure play VoIP interconnect providers.

Our President & Co-Founder, Jay Meranchik was an early engineering pioneer in building out a global VoiP network that eventually grew to carry billions of voice minutes all across the globe. Our engineering and software dev teams were there to witness the explosion, address the challenges, and shape the evolution. Even our product and marketing folks were there and saw the industry go through all its machinations and disruptive periods. This continuity allows us to understand the industry’s granularity and that influences the solutions we build. Equally important, it allows us to engage with our customers and partners in more impactful ways. We can sit with a carrier and easily relate to their challenges of bi-lateral deals, margin challenges, fraud issues, etc. Our ICP platform is the manifestation of this expertise in its physical form and it allows our support team to provide unprecedented support. In fact, some of our largest customers treat our support team as an extension of their management and operations teams.   

That comes from expertise. Expertise that can be imitated to a certain degree but never duplicated. We have walked in our customer's shoes. We have faced their challenges and confronted their risks; from VoIP to SIP to LCR to Next Gen OSS & BSS, from $0.10 per minute calls in the U.S. To $0.003 per minute calls, from Arbitrage to Bi-Laterals, from credit risk to FAS fraud, from dialer traffic to mobile termination ON-Net and Off-Net.  This is what we know.  This is what we do and it’s why we are able to help and make a real difference.

Interconnect voice is complex and requires expertise.  We have it, and as a result, our customers have it.  We are masters of our own domain!