Making 2018 the year you make your Interconnect Voice business great again


Ahh..a new year. It’s amazing how this time of year brings a sense of renewed hope and optimism. It’s like our mind plays this trick on us and allows us to lay out goals, some new, some old, and we are able to tap into energy to help us chase these goals. From weight loss to exercise to…whatever.  

This holds true in not just our personal lives but in our professional lives. Even here at GCS, we see the new year as a time to lay out some new goals, analyze if we have achieved last year’s goals, and allocate resources to chase them all. So, in that spirit, we wanted to reach out to you, our customers, prospects, and partners, and encourage you to examine your interconnect voice goals for 2018. We want you to make this the year you make your 2018 interconnect voice business great again! (That sounds familiar...I wonder where I have heard that slogan before?)  

How do you achieve this? First and foremost, focus on your interconnect voice management platform. That is the key to it all, whether it’s ours or someone else’s (not sure why you wouldn’t want ours). The key is automation, speed, scalability and breadth of functionality. Remember, NO MORE LEAST COST ROUTING.

In 2018, you need Dynamic Routing.

You need International Ani Origination Rating and Routing.  

You need Supplier Assurance.

You need CDR Reconciliation.

You need all of this and so much more. From reporting, to alarming, to product pricing, to invoicing, to credit management. In order to make your interconnect voice management business great again, you need a centralized intelligent platform that manages the myriad of tasks required for carriers to optimally route voice calls for quality and price.   

So, make this your goal. No more excuses. Get off your duff and contact a next gen interconnect voice management platform provider today. We actually know one that has a pretty good reputation, and can help you make interconnect voice business great again!