Interconnect voice software is NOT A COMMODITY

Okay, this may come as a shock to everyone but, believe it or not, interconnect voice software is NOT a commodity. They are all not the same, so you can’t treat them all the same and expect them to be priced the same. I gotta tell you, it is amazing how many companies come to us and want our software and then want to tell us why we should be priced like the lowest priced provider in the industry!

“It’s just software, everyone does the same thing essentially”.

NO.  That’s just objectively not true.  

Software in fact, almost every software industry/vertical, is not commoditized and never will be…never, never, never.

A commodity is a product or service that has almost no differentiation between the two. Think of the Eddie Murphy movie, “Trading places” (great, great movie by the way). Think of pork bellies, frozen concentrated orange juice, oil, or cotton. Those are commodities. Software isn’t.  

Software is the physical form of a company’s intellectual property. It is the distillation of their collective brain and intelligence; their understanding of the industry and their ability to build software to meet the wants and needs of the industry participants. That can’t be commoditized...ever. Then why do carriers insist on trying to do it? Because it’s easy and a dismissive way to not evaluate value. We’ve had small carriers, to some of the largest carriers in the world, say such nonsense to us about comparative analysis and pricing, that it defies logic and reasoning. But they all still do it.

So, NO. Interconnect voice is NOT a commodity, but that probably won’t stop carriers from wanting it to be so….


Andrea RonaComment