If you haven’t started yet, you are way late to the game…

So, let’s see…we are nearing the end of 2017. As voice communication service providers perform some reflective introspection, one area that they should have already started addressing is their interconnect voice operations. By now every carrier, regardless of size, sophistication, business vertical, geography, etc., should have begun the move to the next generation of voice interconnect management solutions.

Look, we get it, voice is so ”yesterday”.  But, it still produces good, reliable, revenue and allows carriers to monetize their past infrastructure investments. The problem with voice isn’t that it’s no longer important. The problem with voice is that margins have continually declined and that makes the business harder.

Okay, so it’s hard. It doesn’t mean you forget it and abandon it. No, actually, the smart thing to do is to put the effort in and improve the way you manage the business so it can be profitable and meaningful. I can’t tell you how many times we hear CSPs going on and on about how voice is no longer important, that voice minutes are “empty calories” on their network. It’s like the world has moved on to data and all voice calls are free. But, we all know that’s not the case, and even if it were, you would still need to manage the calls in the most efficient and most COST EFFECTIVE way.  

Today, there is only one way to do that as it relates to interconnect voice. You must have a next generation interconnect voice management platform. Whether it’s ours or one of our competitors, you need to procure one, subscribe to one and use it (DON’T BUILD YOUR OWN). If you haven’t started doing this, you are doing a disservice to your customers, your employees and your shareholders. If you haven’t started doing this you are already way late to the game.

Time to get started…


Andrea RonaComment