How much are you making? it is. The kernel of it all. In interconnect voice, this is the central component. The keystone of the doorway. The root. The nucleus.

How much are you making off of your interconnect voice?

Are you optimizing margins? Are you minimizing terminating costs? Are you minimizing overhead? How do you know?

We’ve been in the interconnect voice game for a long, long, long time. We know this business like we know the back of our hands. We’ve grown up in this space. Here at GCS, most of us started together in the late 90s. Fresh faced out of college or coming together 4 or 5 years into our careers. Now, in 2017, we are the old men and women of the industry, and our experience in the industry, and the perspective we get on it from our vantage point as a vendor servicing the industry, allows us to see macro and micro level trends. Especially when it comes to how much you make in the interconnect voice industry. Remember, it’s no longer just about routing, least cost routing, or buying anymore. It’s about operating efficiency. It’s about automation. It’s about productivity. It’s about scale.  

Are you making at least 20% GM on your U.S. Domestic traffic? Our customers are!

Are you making at least 10% on your international traffic? Our customers are!

These are gross margins. Net margins are increasing as well because of automation, productivity, etc. Interconnect voice is actually profitable again...if you do it right.

Part of doing it right includes getting a next gen interconnect voice management platform.  

Part of doing it right is partnering with experts.  

What are you doing? How much are you making?


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