GCS launches Interconnect Rate Administration Service and it is a GAME CHANGER!

This week, we introduced our newest product, the Interconnect Rate Administration Service, iRAS, commercially available to the entire industry.

Our new iRAS service has the potential of reshaping the entire industry. Carriers can eliminate the need to standardize their termination rate sheets and can eliminate the exhaustive man-hours, error prone spreadsheet analysis, and formatting to do business faster and more efficiently.

The GCS iRAS is a cloud-based service that automates most, if not all, of the process of taking in rate sheets from terminating carriers and analyzing, formatting, and converting them for use in their interconnect voice platforms.

With GCS iRAS, carriers can transform their entire vendor rate management process overnight with no software to deploy or complicated spreadsheets to manage.

Click here to read the press release or here to learn more about the product.

Andrea RonaComment