GCS iRAS set to be the game changer the company forecasted

Last week, GCS announced its introduction of their latest product, the GCS Interconnect Rate Administration Service (iRas). We boldly claimed that it was going to be a GAME CHANGER for the industry. Well, after the first week of promoting this stand alone, cloud-based service, our company is even more convinced. The response we have received has been incredible. From both existing customers and prospective customers, the response has exceeded every expectation we had. It’s amazing when you tap into an overwhelming market need with a value proposition and product that is ready to be delivered and purchased.

Managing Rate Decks is one of the most cumbersome, complex, voluminous, and burdensome tasks carriers perform every day in the interconnect voice marketplace.

This complexity hinders a carrier’s ability to execute on their tactical and strategic plans. Plus, it places humans at the center of what should be an automated process.

The GCS iRAS service solves all of this.

We spent the last 9 months having our development and support engineering team work with our customers to understand this complicated work flow, and have built what, we believe, will become the standard in the industry. It will alleviate so many pain points that carriers experience relative to this mind numbing, burdensome, but critically important, task.

That’s why we are more confident than ever that iRAS will be a game changer!

Andrea RonaComment