GCS exceeds ½ trillion minutes processed by its Interconnect Command Platform

GCS recently announced that it has exceeded half a trillion minutes processed by its ICP Platform. 

GCS has been offering its Interconnect Command Platform (ICP) since 2009. Since we began commercially offering our ICP platform we have acquired over 50+ carriers across the globe. Carriers that include some of the largest telcos in the U.S. and some of the next generation of enhanced service providers. Today, the GCS platform services carriers who generate over 1 Billion minutes per month, to carriers that generate 30M minutes per month. 

Collectively these carriers represent a broad swath of the interconnect voice industry. Every type and size of carrier imaginable, from retail to pure wholesale, from domestic U.S. to international arbitrage players, from former RBOCs to cable companies, to conferencing and mobile carriers. This milestone is a testament to the GCS platform and our customers, who continue to deliver value in the marketplace, with some help from the GCS ICP Platform.

Currently, the GCS platform is processing in excess of 300M minutes per day.

Andrea RonaComment