Delivering premium value in the interconnect voice market, aka becoming the “Apple” of interconnect voice management platforms

A challenge that all companies have is the ability to deliver something different, that is of a premium value, to their customer base. Every company searches for it. Apple has really done an amazing job on consistently delivering it and being rewarded for it. In the dull world of interconnect voice management platforms, we are on a constant quest to find it and deliver it consistently.

Recently we launched our newest attempt at that, our iRAS service. iRAS is a service we fundamentally believe will provide that premium value to the marketplace of interconnect voice. But we aren’t done there. Our roadmap is chock-full of potential innovations that reflect this pursuit.

We, as an organization, are 100% committed to helping carriers succeed in this complex, often times frustrating, unpredictable market. We want to provide carriers with solutions that not only address the basics of call routing, call accounting, and invoicing, but we also want to provide solutions that improve their performance, increase revenues, margins, etc. We want to be the Apple of this industry.

Over the next 12 months you’ll see us continue to innovate and deliver solutions that, not incrementally help, but profoundly improve the way carriers manage their interconnect voice business so that they can derive greater value from the industry.

Sure, it sounds a little silly to say, “We want to be the Apple of interconnect voice.”, but you have to admit, it’s better than having a goal of being the Palm Treo of interconnect voice!

Andrea RonaComment