Course correcting midway through the year.

So, as we approach mid year, it’s a good time to take an assessment of where your interconnect voice business is and how it’s performing against the goals you established at the beginning of the year.

Often times carriers lay out rather lofty goals for interconnect voice, either from a top-line revenue, margin, or reduce cost perspective. And just as often, those goals aren’t met. Then the wailing and gnashing of teeth begins as sales looks to defend their performance by blaming finance and operations. Finance blames sales and operations, and operations blames sales and finance. It’s a circular firing squad that results in goals and objectives not being met. Most of this is due to management’s usually absurd sales objectives, but part of the problem is the carrier not course correcting mid year when there is still time left to “fix” things.

A best practice we often see from our high performing carriers, is their commitment to metrics and taking corrective actions when the metrics are indicating poor performance. Sometimes the corrective actions are minor and sometimes they are major. The more important point is that there are corrective actions that can be taken and the results of the actions can lend itself to better performance against the goals. But that is only if there is data available.  

At GCS, we pride ourselves on the data we make available. We can provide insights that can inform carriers of all sizes, relative to revenue, margin, costs, quality, etc. These metrics can be provided hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.

That type of data and insight can help carriers make the right decisions and the necessary course corrections.


Andrea RonaComment