Beginning of the next EVOLUTION in interconnect voice

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Have you seen our recent announcement regarding our new product the GCS iRAS Service? It’s the first step we are making in the next phase of evolution for interconnect voice platforms: a period where automation and intelligence combine in never before seen ways to fundamentally change how interconnect voice functions on a monthly, weekly, and daily basis.

Our Interconnect Rate Administration Service, (iRAS), is a cloud based, revolutionary product that fully automates and provides never before capabilities to carriers for managing and processing the rate sheets they receive from vendors on a daily/weekly basis.

It starts with the email from a vendor that contains the .xls, .csv, or .txt based rate sheet. These emails are now sent directly to the iRAS “machine” for ingestion, analysis, and processing. From there, the iRAS product will process the rate deck and apply all the business, routing, and format rules to the rate sheet. After that, it will “spit out” a file that’s ready for importing into your rating and/or routing engine. It doesn’t matter if it’s a homegrown or third party system. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t have a GCS rating and routing solution.

The GCS Interconnect Rate Administration Service is an independent module in our product suite. It doesn’t require you to use any of our other tools.

This is what we see happening longer term for the interconnect voice platform. Even though it’s an enterprise application, it will be continuously “chunked” into separate applications making it easier for carriers to address specific problems without having to go through the challenges of fork-lift upgrades to their interconnect management platform. This process is beginning in the industry and GCS intends to be a driver of it. With our CDR reconciliation and dispute resolution tool which we launched last year, and our new service, iRAS, we are taking big steps in the evolution of interconnect management tools.

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