Automation and Interconnect Voice Management


Say it with me...AUTOMATION!

Okay, we have gone on and on about scalability, reliability and speed of performance as must-haves when it comes to interconnect voice management platforms. By now, if you have read any of our blog posts or Ask Ani responses or any of our content, you should be pretty sick of hearing GCS drone on and on about these attributes. Today we thought we would expound on something a little bigger. So we thought about the question, “Why should a carrier look at a solution like ours?”.

The answer is quite simple. In today’s voice marketplace, carriers MUST still support voice and the only way they can do it is in a cost effective manner. The way to do that is through automation. I am not talking about partial automation. I am talking about complete, total, absolute automation. Automation of …. everything.  Everything from rate deck management, to pricing, to routing, to quality management, to CDR processing and rating, to reporting, to analytics, to alarming, and on, and on, and on.  

Let’s face it, the voice industry has changed and no longer requires as many people for the marketplace to operate. In fact, the marketplace runs better when LESS people are involved.  We humans make a mess of things that are massive in volume and repetitive. We aren’t wired to do that. We are wired, however, to think about how to come up with new, better, faster and cost effective ways of doing these things. Interconnect voice is exactly the type of thing we can think through and improve on by removing human interactions….aka…automation!

At GCS, automating interconnect voice operations is central to our value proposition. The idea is that our platform allows you to automate (remove human beings) from the high volume, repetitive tasks that involve large data sets. This enables carriers to reduce their operating costs, improve efficiency, reduce risks, and deliver better profits and margin!

That’s why carriers should look at our solution….automation yields greater profits! That’s what we do..we help make voice profitable.