Competitive Differentiation: What makes us different?

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In any industry, it is important to pursue a bunch of goals. Some of these goals are:

1. Operational proficiency & efficiency
2. Financial management effectiveness
3. Sales & marketing excellence
4. Competitive advantage
5. Competitive differentiation
6. Product development

What makes us different, at the macro level, is our competitive differentiation. Competitive differentiation can take many different forms. From product, to pricing, to delivery, to packaging, even to marketing and purchase options.

Here at GCS, we tend to focus on product differentiation. Simply put, our product is distinctly different from every competitor out there. Sure, we all try and solve the same problem, but we are doing it in such different ways and the way we do it is better than anyone else out there.

We have, without a doubt, the most flexible routing engine available in the marketplace.

We support any outbound call routing scenario carriers can dream up. The reason is because our architecture imposes no limitations on routing. Whether it’s traditional LCR, product based, service based, QoS, margin, revenue, Bi-lat, swap, credit, whatever you can dream up, we can support. That’s what makes us different.

Sure, we have great people (and they are good looking and charming), but where we win in the industry is our routing. We are the best at it, no doubt about it. It’s why we have customers that include: iBasis, Vonage, Bell Canada, PTGi, and dozens and dozens of others.

So, when people ask us, “What is your competitive differentiator?”, we respond with certainty “It is our routing engine that is the best in the business!”

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