Which vendor is the best vendor for you?

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How do you choose the right vendor for your interconnect voice solution? Do you create an RFP? Do you focus on price? Do you focus on ease of use or implementation? Do you look at their existing customers?


Actually, this is going to sound counter-intuitive, but here’s what you do. You answer the following questions:

  1. Does the vendor have the set of features/capabilities that meet your core needs?

  2. Has the vendor demonstrated performance in delivering these solutions?

  3. Who are the customers that the vendor can provide as a reference that are similar to your organization in size, complexity, and need?

  4. What is the reputation of the vendor in the industry?

  5. Are they domain experts in the specific area?

  6. What is the price/investment required? Does it fit in your “affordability” model?

  7. What is the ROI on the investment?

  8. What is the risk associated with selecting the vendor? What mistake are you worried about making (dollars, time, etc.)?

  9. What are the benefits associated with the vendor beyond the product/service?

  10. Do you “like” the vendor? Do you find their organization and staff to be of the kind that you want to associate with and conduct business going forward?

Answer those questions and then you can easily determine who the “right” vendor is for you and your company. It’s not as complicated as everyone makes it out to be, but it does take some effort.

Now look at your existing vendors, how do they meet those answers? Should you look for a different vendor?

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