The critical criteria when selecting your next interconnect voice management platform

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The complex world of interconnect voice means you need complex systems to run this portion of your voice business. But, because it’s so complex, how do you know which systems to get? How do you know whether you should build or buy? What is the critical criteria to use when you select your next interconnect voice management platform?

Is it unique features? Is it proven speed or scale? Is it breadth of functionality? Is it customer adoption? Is it support? Is it the ability of the platform to lower your voice termination costs? Is it all of them?

Here’s our take on it.

The critical criteria for selecting your next interconnect voice management platform are:

  1. Speed, Scale, & Reliability - This is the most important criterion. What good are features that don’t work at volume?

  2. Support – Is the platform actively supported by people who are domain experts and are available 24x7 to help? This is a real-time, operational critical aspect of your voice business. You need to have access to people who know what they are doing when you need it.

  3. Customer adoption -Who uses the platform? Which peers of mine use it? Which respected players in the industry use it? What are their experiences with the platform? Do they recommend it? Would they buy it again?

  4. Guarantees/Warranties- What contractual elements does the provider/vendor include as part of their value proposition?

That’s it. No need to over complicate it. That’s the criteria all carriers should use to evaluate which interconnect voice management solution they should choose. Yes, price always comes into it, but that’s after you have selected the solution you want. Oh, and one more thing, don’t ever, ever, build it yourself. Never, Never, Ever build this tool yourself!

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