Simply the best: The GCS Interconnect Voice Command Platform

Photo by RomoloTavani/iStock / Getty Images

Okay, that’s a little boastful. How do we know we have the best platform? Could it be our patent? Maybe. Could it be our real-time routing capabilities? Possibly. Could it be the speed & scale of the platform? Oh that definitely is part of it. Could it be the what our customers say about us? Absolutely!

How do we know we have the best interconnect voice management platform in the industry? Because our platform offers larger/wider feature sets, supports truly customized routing, performs at breakneck speeds and massive scalability, and equally as important, because our customers tell us we do have the best platform in the industry. You can ask iBasis, PTGi, Windstream, or Vonage. You can ask 50 other carriers of all shapes and sizes what makes our product the best and they’ll give you different answers. We try to focus on one thing, and that is usually our routing. Least Cost Routing is such an outdated term in this industry, because our routing engine does so much more than route by cost. We have more than 20 different routing levers that carriers can control to customize their routing. That type of flexibility/capability is unprecedented in the industry and allows carriers to have their routing exactly match their business needs by product, need, revenue, margin…etc.

It's powerful and we take great pride in it. But, that’s just one of many reasons our product is the best in the industry. Sure the Telarix’s of the world, the Enghouse’s, the Digitalk’s and the Transnexxus’ have good products, and we like competing against them. But, to be honest, they are no match. If you need to manage your off-net voice traffic in the most efficient, cost effective, highest quality way, then why wouldn’t you go with the best? Just ask our customers. They’ll tell you. Or talk to our engineers and we’ll explain why.

These are complex systems. Expansive feature sets, extremely high performance thresholds, serving a lot of different constituencies within the carrier organization: NOC, Engineering, Finance, Product Management, Executive Management, etc. It’s not easy to do. It takes a ton of domain expertise and real-world experience to do it. And at GCS, we got it! We figured it out and we have built the best tool set in the industry.

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