Extolling the virtue of investing in interconnect voice

Photo by SIphotography/iStock / Getty Images

Wait! Wait! Don’t leave. Continue reading. We know, we know. How many times are you going to have to read a post from us about the virtue of interconnect voice and why, despite the thin margins and increasing complexity, carriers should continue investing in interconnect voice? Well, in fact, interconnect voice provides an incredible investment opportunity! Yes. We just wrote that…

Interconnect voice provides an incredible investment opportunity!

Look, carriers of all shapes and sizes are looking for ways to generate value for themselves and for their shareholders, whether they are publicly held companies or privately held. Interconnect voice has the opportunity to do that? Why? Because the technology is readily available to reduce, and potentially eliminate, many of the costs associated with operating an interconnect voice business. I mean what other industry could offer this?

A decrease in average transactional Revenue of 7.19672%
An INCREASE in average transactional Margin of 8.21427 %

So, in a highly commoditized industry where  top-line average transaction revenues DECREASED by 7.19672%, if you had GCS, you would have been able to  INCREASE your average transactional margins by 8.2+%, just as our customers did. Where does that happen? Hey all you CFOs, VPs of Finance, CEOs, you want to know where you can make investments in your business that will provide positive ROI in the first year? You want to know where you can improve operations, reduce overhead, and increase margins? It’s your interconnect voice operations. It might be the biggest short-term investment you can make this year!

Andrea Rona