Interconnect voice, not as easy as we make it look

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Interconnect voice in 2019 is an incredibly complex marketplace/industry. Massive data volumes, micro thin margins, enormous complexity, combine to make it appear almost impossible to efficiently and profitably manage the business. But, with the right tool, the right support, and the right approach, carriers are successfully managing their interconnect voice and by successful, we mean profitably.

GCS, a pioneering leader in the interconnect voice marketplace has spent the better part of the past decade designing, building, and refining our interconnect voice management platform (Interconnect Command Platform). Our platform has too many features to list, it processes ridiculous volumes of data, and is supported by a team of experts in the industry. All of this makes it look like running interconnect voice is easy.

But, what makes it so hard? Well, in a word, data. Lots and lots of data. We are talking giga-schmiga amounts of data (that’s a high tech term to define lots of data). Oh, and the data has to be processed in real-time because, you know, voice communications happens in real-time. That makes managing giga-schmiga data so much harder! Rates are changing daily, calls are happening every second, and you need to have consideration for quality and specific business needs. It also needs to take into consideration credit risks and calls need to be routed profitably. Call detail records are being processed every second, alarming and reporting are updated every second , etc., and all of this is happening across thousands and thousands of calls per second! To make sense of it, to do it profitably and efficiently, you need a tool set. But not just any tool set. You need an interconnect tool set that can ingest massive data volumes and turn that data into actionable intelligence and then instruct the other supporting tools (the network, the finance, the buying, the sales) to execute specific tasks based on what’s happening.

So, it is really, really complex. And yes we make it look easy, but it’s not as easy as we make it look!

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