Improving the interconnect voice sales person’s dreams!

Photo by Choreograph/iStock / Getty Images

Sometimes, in this wacky industry, it can feel like the carrier’s interconnect voice sales teams are relegated to the “red-headed stepchild” category. Sure, they are responsible for delivering top-line revenues and bottom line margin contributions all while having less marketing investment, no real new product development, and no assistance from management (other than increased quota). But, actually, from the view of the platform providers who are supporting them, that’s not the case. In fact, in almost every instance, the OSS/BSS platform providers have roadmaps that are filled with features and capabilities, specifically designed to help the carriers’ interconnect voice sales teams.

Sure, platforms like ours serve a lot of different masters. We have finance, we have operations, we have network engineering, we have product management. But, we spend a lot of our time looking at the tasks that sales people have to do in order to keep, sustain, and, hopefully, grow their voice traffic across their partner’s.

Our GCS Interconnect Command Platform (ICP) is a next generation tool set that was designed specifically to help carrier sales teams/organizations have greater control over the business they generate. No more are there complex routing teams that are needed to create complex routing tables that need to be loaded into the switch. In the new world, routes and rates are maintained in a database that is updated in real-time and every call is uniquely evaluated based on the prevailing business policy. These policies can be set by the sales people. Now, finally, sales people can have the switch/network conform to the business models they established with their interconnect voice partners. No more problems with switch uploads. No more problems with deploying a carrier. No problems with rate addendums. All of this is handled in real-time automatically. It’s a dream for interconnect voice sales folks. Now they can go hunting and know that they have the power of their network behind them and can begin executing against their business models which means faster revenue, better margins, and longer sustained traffic. An interconnect voice sales person’s dream!

Andrea Rona