Don’t quit on your interconnect voice operations

Photo by Jay Yuno/iStock / Getty Images

The interconnect voice industry is frustrating, challenging, dynamic, interesting, in a word…INFURIATING!

But, carriers shouldn’t let these realities force them into the conclusion of quitting on their interconnect voice operations, as tempting as that may be!!! Despite this “infuriating industry”, interconnect voice is still a core capability of a voice service provider’s business. And, believe it or not, it still offers value to a carrier in terms of revenue. We know, we know, it sounds crazy and we are just saying that because we are in the industry. Well, yeah…we are saying that because we are in the industry, but it doesn’t make it not true. Interconnect voice can offer surprising revenue gains, acceleration that can help carriers who are looking to generate top-line revenue gains, improve their ROA (Return On Assets), and lets not forget that it can improve customer experience from a quality perspective. Sure margins are razor thin (maybe even thinner) and it can often feel like the “juice” you get from your interconnect voice isn’t worth the “squeeze”.

We’ve seen a lot of carriers outsource their interconnect voice operations and management to other carriers. While we understand the appeal of that, we think that it is a mistake and we don’t recommend carriers who are delivering voice services give up that control. Interconnect voice may no longer offer you an opportunity to differentiate yourself from others in the market, but it is a core competency of a voice carrier. There’s something you are giving up when you give up the control/capability of determining the experience that your customer has and, on top of that, controlling the levers that drive your revenue shouldn’t be overlooked. Interconnect voice can offer opportunities on the revenue side that can be important from a tactical short term perspective.

Let’s also not forget, the industry is responding to these realities. Vendors and the marketplace are working together to devise new capabilities and business models to allow carriers to succeed in this domain. That’s why GCS exists. We are doing everything in our capability to help our carrier partners succeed. Our interconnect voice command platform is the OSS/BSS tool built specifically for the interconnect voice marketplace. It helps carriers address most (if not all) of the infuriating aspects of interconnect voice. Everything from routing, to rating, to invoicing, to reporting, to alarming, to quality, to CDR processing, to rate deck ingesting, to management, to CDR reconciliation, to credit management, and everything in between. It’s an intelligent automation platform designed to provide carriers with the tools they need to optimize their management of their interconnect voice operations. So, don’t quit on your interconnect voice operations. With the help of companies like us, it will be worth it!

Andrea Rona