Virtualized Network Software

Virtualization is all the rage. First, it was the hardware to help maximize the utility of the hardware by allowing it to be used by multiple applications and allocating resources based on the demands of the various applications using the hardware resources. This has been around for quite some time and has become the “standard”. Now, everyone is aggressively pursuing virtualization of the network functions themselves. Such as switching, signaling, load balancers, etc. All these Network functions are now being virtualized.

What does this mean? This means that the applications are being re-written in a way that they can dynamically access and utilize physical resources as demand for the application increases. So, this is the new area of “evolution” (if not revolution) that is happening in the industry. One of our partners, Metaswitch, has been at the forefront of this, particularly in the world of SBCs. The Metaswitch Perimeta SBC  is a next generation SBC that has fully embraced the NFV Evolution. By combining the GCS Dynamic Management Solution with the Perimeta SBC, the voice interconnect marketplace can finally leverage a best-in-class solution stack that addresses nearly every aspect of interconnect voice management at the lowest possible TCO (total cost of ownership) available in the industry.

Today, carriers can address their interconnect voice needs by leveraging software for their SBCs & their OSS & BSS that lives on virtualized hardware and has been architected to take advantage of available hardware resources as needed when demand requires it.

It’s the next phase of evolution in interconnect voice, and GCS, along with our partner Metaswitch, are at the forefront.

To learn more, check out Metaswitch’s Youtube channel:

Andrea Rona