Unlimited Interconnects equals Unlimited Opportunity

So, what’s the key to success in wholesale these days?  Speed.  Scalability.  Reliability.  Quality.  Number of Suppliers.  Types of Suppliers.  Price Stability.  Low Prices.  Back Office Efficiency.  Automation.  Dynamic Routing.  Revenue Assurance.  Bi-Lateral Deal Management. Cash Flow.  Financing.   You really can’t pick just one single key.  It’s more of  a combination of all these things we just mentioned, and several others we haven’t.  Wholesale voice is a tough business.  It’s cut throat.  It’s commoditized.  It sometimes requires credit risks.  There is, however, one key ingredient that is a must for true success in inter-carrier voice.

“Unlimited interconnect”.  What do we mean?  We mean the ability to interconnect to whomever you want to do business with and manage it appropriately, based on the business profile associated with that carrier.  But, in order to do that, carriers need the necessary tool sets and platforms to make the management of these interconnect relationships efficient and cost effective, all while managing any perceived risks.  In short, in order to achieve true success, you need a next generation inter-carrier voice OSS & BSS platform.  The platforms of yesteryear (aka pre 2010) were limited because they didn’t leverage the inherent capabilities of SIP.  SIP has changed everything.  Least Cost Routing is no longer Least Cost Routing.  It’s been replaced by Dynamic Routing.  Dynamic Routing is routing based on product, customer, time of day, day of week, credit risk, business profile, etc.

It’s a completely different world and carriers need the ability to interconnect with anyone who provides them the network attributes or commercial terms they need.  But, in order to interconnect they have to be able to manage the interconnect relationship on a day-to-day, week-to-week, minute-to-minute or even call-to-call basis.  That requires a next generation OSS & BSS Solution designed specifically for the inter-carrier voice industry.  The GCS Dynamic Management Solution is that platform.  Built from the ground up by carrier people for use by carriers.  It is the ultimate workforce automation tool that allows carriers to finally, once and for all, eliminate the operational challenges associated with pursuing every interconnect relationship that their business presents.

Andrea Rona