The next big thing in inter-carrier voice….Intelligent automation

Much has been written and said about bringing automation to the world of inter-carrier voice. Obviously, the industry continues to face vast challenges, but, specifically in the area of data management, there hasn’t been as much discussion around intelligent automation. This is the “next” big thing. Automation is great and delivers obvious benefits. In Inter-carrier voice the need to take all of the daily, weekly and even monthly repetitive tasks out of the hands of people and put them into machines is logical, cost effective and maximizes efficiency. No big deal right? But that type of automation lacks a level of sophistication and, in reality, the amount of value that can be derived from this type of automation is capped. What the industry needs is “intelligent automation”. What do we mean by intelligent automation?

The ability for machine-to-machine based actions initiated at scale based on multiple variables. In the voice world it can exist in many forms. It can relate to call quality, performance for a specific product or class of subscribers, or it can include cost and quality for a set of bi-lateral trading partners. In these cases, the machines are managing the outcomes and initiating action based on the results that are occurring in real-time across some, many, or all of a carriers customers or network.

GCS has been investing heavily in the development of this “intelligent automation”. We expect that you’ll hear this term more and more in the industry as carriers continue to pursue maximizing efficiency and reducing TCO in their voice product lines. Intelligent automation is going to be the next big thing in inter-carrier voice.

Andrea Rona