The Cloud Train

"Cloud Based OSS & BSS — Why it's time to consider"

By now, is there any real open debate about the viability of cloud based solutions. Clearly, it's the way all software will be delivered in the future. From Amazon, to Google, to Office 365, to Quickbooks, to ADP, etc.…we all know and get that the cloud is the best way to deploy, access and utilize software. The only open remaining issue is security, but that will always exist and exists whether software sits behind a private firewall or available to public internet. So, it's time for even the inter-carrier voice industry to get on the “Cloud Train”. GCS has been offering its OSS & BSS Solution via its own cloud for more than 5 years and during this time we have seen upstarts and existing carriers have leveraged our cloud based solution to maximum effect. It has allowed them to allocate their limited resources away from infrastructure management of OSS & BSS and focus it more on core business activities that increase revenues, reduce costs or improve service delivery. Oh, it also has the effect of preserving capital in the short term and convert the capex associated with OSS & BSS into Opex. Which, in the way recurring revenue businesses are valued today, is appearing to be preferable.

From our perspective, the reason carriers choose to avoid cloud is because of the FUD factor. And as with everything in business and life, FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt) usually is the precursor for bad decisions or, at least, sub-optimal decisions. The cloud is here, the cloud works, it makes operating easier, cheaper and faster and if you aren’t choosing cloud based solutions today, you will be in the future. So, why wait? Because of FUD? Nah, that’s not the reason anymore. Its time to get on board the Cloud Train and focus on the stuff that really matters. The GCS Dynamic Management Solution can be your foray into Cloud Based OSS & BSS. Come aboard!

Andrea Rona