The 3 S’s of Interconnect Voice

Remember that old adage, “ the three R’s of education ” Reading, wRiting & aRithmetic”?Well, in the world of interconnect voice we have something similar...

The Three S’s of Interconnect Voice:




The world of interconnect voice is a dynamic, constantly changing marketplace. Rates change daily, quality changes by the minute, capacity fluctuates based on demand, etc. All combine to present challenges to carriers of every size, market and sophistication. It doesn’t matter how “big” you are from a company revenue perspective. Nope. What matters is:  How many interconnects do you have?  How many call attempts are you processing daily, weekly & monthly? How long does it take you to react to changes?

That’s why we believe in the three S’s:

Speed:  The ability for the carrier to respond to any of the market shifts described above in as near real-time as possible.  That’s a cornerstone of interconnect voice management.  The speed at which a carrier responds can be a competitive advantage in the marketplace.  GCS has premised its architecture and refined its software to emphasize speed.

Scale:  Volume.  In the interconnect marketplace of 2016, volume of data is a fact of everyday operating life for voice carriers.   From Routing Rules, Alarms, QoS, to CDRs, to Rates, the volume of information involved in the interconnect market has exploded over the past 10 years.  Now, voice service providers don’t just have to contend with networking issues..they have to contend with data management issues.  Interconnect solutions must easily manage massive volumes of data without impeding a carrier’s ability to perform and execute its daily, call-by-call, functions.

Support: So, as we all know, it’s a highly competitive, fast moving demanding market.  To succeed, carriers must have the right tools, right staff, right training and, equally important, the right support from their vendors.  We believe that the importance of excellent support is an often overlooked component of a solution because it is “intangible” and hard to prove.   But, support is as important as any aspect of the operations. The “right tool for the job” includes the right support.  At GCS, where we have patented architecture as part of our solution, we emphasize our support as our critical differentiator.  Our support team, including many of our development team have been at this for a long time.  We’ve worked for carriers and have been “ on the other side of the aisle” in terms of day-to-day responsibility of managing the interconnect voice business for carriers.   We know and understand this business and the challenges that come along with it.  We often say it is “in our DNA”.  We know the language, we know the struggles and we know all of the financial, operational and organizational challenges interconnect voice operations face.  That allows us to provide a different type of support.  One that is more understanding and more collaborative.   So, even though Support comprises the 3rd S, it is, by far, the most important.

Andrea Rona