Next Gen OSS & BSS …”Your Drop the Mic moment!”

It’s tough going out there in the carrier world. Hyper-competition, low differentiation and market saturation all combine to make it a hard life for all but a slim few of the biggest carriers in the world. It makes you wonder how can carriers succeed in a world where there is low differentiation and the ability to innovate isn’t in the network, it’s in the devices and applications? Many of the mid-level to sr. level managers at telecommunications carriers are all searching, yearning for something to help them make an impact, uncover value and improve the performance of their overall business. They are all searching for their “ Drop the Mic moment”.

At first glance, it may seem silly, or even far fetched, but back-office improvement can offer carriers the solution they are seeking. See, the telecommunications industry has evolved so rapidly over the last 10 years that back-office systems and processes are a complete mess. For many carriers, it’s a cobbled together group of disparate systems that impose a lot of limitations on the carrier's’ ability to perform some of the most basic tasks. As a result, Carriers are aggressively exploring options to upgrade their OSS & BSS Systems, but, they are meeting a lot of resistance because these solutions will change the way they currently operate. Obviously, this change is met with a lot of resistance because change always brings FUD (Fear, Uncertainty & Doubt), but it also brings opportunity. The opportunity to improve and evolve and increase value. This is so true in the area of inter-carrier voice.

For years carriers have ignored the OSS & BSS of inter-carrier voice and now it’s catching up with them. The good news is that there are solutions out there that address their needs and, even more important, there are solutions out there that can dramatically improve the way they are operating their inter-carrier voice. So much so, that it can significantly contribute margin to the business. It can provide managers and project leads with their “drop the mic moment” inside their company. I know, it sounds crazy that anything relating to voice can offer anything compelling, but inter-carrier voice is still a critical component of carriers’ business. Despite all of the texts and applications, there are still a ton of voice calls made every second across the world, across networks. Carriers spend a lot of time, energy, resources and money on managing this activity, and that means there’s opportunity for improvement which will impact the business.

GCS has been in this market for the past 10 years. Our goal is and has always been to Revolutionize the way carriers are doing business with each other by providing a next generation OSS & BSS platform designed to address the needs of inter-carrier voice. We have deployed our solution for carriers of varying size and complexity all over the world. Our customers have had fantastic success. We have transformed business and have helped carriers generate significant margins and reduce their costs whether they be retailers, wholesalers, cable cos, VNOs, etc. So, if you are struggling to find some way of having a meaningful impact on your company, e.g. Your “drop the mic moment”, then you should look no further than your company’s OSS & BSS for inter-carrier voice!

Andrea Rona